"When we worked together in the past Yunho once suffered from dehydration and I was worried about [him] shooting in heat… Yunho yah, How are you? I’m doing fine.It will be your first historical, it will be hard. You will have a lot of outside scenes. You won’t have time, so CG process will be tight… also you will need to learn martial arts. So you will get tired physically and it will be hot so drink a lot of water. Working hard is a good thing; however, think about your body and take care of yourself while your filming. Jung Yunho will do well. Yunho yah fighting!"

140731 Jaejoong’s message to Yunho about his new drama Night Watchman

"윤호야, 잘 지내니? 첫 사극 힘들텐데…" (Yunho yah, how are you? I am fine…) trans

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Anonymous asked: You think its true about yunho and jaejoong? It looks strange

I don’t know Anon-tan. I have no position to say…. But now everything about yunjae after all these years look strange, right?
But always keep….

Track Title: どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?. ..(Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

Artist: Tohoshinki (東方神起)

Album: The Secret Code
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Than its a good thing that 19 is my favorite number XD i adore this gif too ^__^

I even forgot that I made this gif :D

kudamour asked: hummm... 69 :3


These are mine with subs omg :D how :D Yunho was so smart ass and dumb at the same time :D look at Changmin :D

Hyung, cut it out!

It was sunny afternoon and Tohoshinki were dumb again. Their leader thought he’s funny and smart but mainly Jaejoong thought his beloved leader is learning only absolutely unnecessary japanese words.
Changmin was nervous. He was angry and his smile was also angry and fake. He wanted to stop his hyung so much. DAMNIT he was so hungry, that he couldn’t stop touching Yunho’s flesh.
It felt so nice.

The End.

Here hedgehog :3

wazurenaide asked: Now i'm getting curios.. 19

Oh my dear GOD this gif! You chose the most akdjfaodfaj gif of Jaejoong!
Ok here we go!

I want to be nice

Everyone saw me as beautiful and empty vessel. Knowledge? Experience? No, just a beautiful face that bothers others. They understand me like a cold, proud and haughty boy. I wanted to be nice, I wanted to smile, I wanted to be honest.
Whenever I was sad and I sat in silence, Yunho came to me and asked, “why are you sad? Now when you can smile?”
Now whenever I’m sad or angry I remember his words
I smile everyday, because I can.
I’m not sad, that I left you, my fans, after performance. I look forward to the next performance.
I remember with a heavy sigh, and I am lucky. 

The End.

I love this gif so much. Thank you ^^

blamemeforbubble asked: Your stories, oh girl. I want another one! 51 (I hope you have so many gifs)

Oh GOD Bubble no! Make space for others please! I have lovely dovely followers and your ugly face is here >.<

Yunho-chan to Jaejoong-chan to Junsu-chan
They were brothers and they were dumb. The dumbest brother was Jaejoong and the smartest was Yunho. Why? because Junsu is always dumbest and smartest at the same time. 
The End.

Anonymous asked: 39~


Domo, Anon-tan ~

Story about boy who was black and white

He always was a good boy. In school he was excellent, all girls were in love with him and boys were envied him. Once his kohai came and said him: “Senpai, I like you.”
But this excellent boy was proud and selfish. He laughed and he said: “You are funny…” Young kohai was sad and humiliated. He wanted a revenge! When he lay on his bed he kept repeating to himself whole midnight: “Punish him, please punish him!”
When the boy woke up in the morning and he looked in the mirror, he was black and white. His punishment was clear: Black as your soul, white as your beauty.

The End.

Ewww my stories are full of mistake, sorry ^^ But thank you anyways.

blamemeforbubble asked: 27 and what's the "Starter" thing? What is it?


This is for you Bubble!
Uh, stupid puddings, Jaejoong’s flirtatious hand and poor Yihan in embarrassed. 
It means I need to start something based about this gif for you. So here you go.

About two dumb puddings. 
Once upon a time there was a Pudding kingdom. The King was kind and he has two sons. Jaejoong, the red pudding and Yihan, the black pudding. Jaejoong was always kind and friendly and Yihan was always curious and mysterious. Once Yihan wanted to go into the Forbbiden forest of magic puddings, bud Jaejoong said: NO! We can’t brother!
The End.

Send me a number. I’ll take that number gif from my folder and make you a starter based on it.

Heaven’s prince Yoochun from the basement.


Look at Junsu’s proud face